The 2023-24 Saudi roshen League was one of the strongest in the competition’s history, after the massive support received by most clubs, including the presence of many stars in the Roshen League, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexander Mitrovic and others.

The exceptional and historic levels of the crescent made it impossible for any other club to compete for the title, despite all the major assignments, but another exciting struggle remained until the last minute of the league, in order to survive among the adults.

A state of convergence was prevalent throughout the season between various Saudi teams, making the conflict heated and strong, and it is difficult to predict who will leave the adults

At the same time, the conflict in the Yellow League was exciting and enjoyable in order to qualify, and the competition saw very substantial financial support for a number of clubs, which caused the competition to rage amidst the adults in the Roshin League next season.

In the following lines, together we will learn about the rising and relegated teams from the league for 2024 and more.


How many teams are relegated from Saudi League 2024?


Things have returned to normal this season, after the last transitional and extraordinary season during which only two teams were relegated to the Yellow League.

The 2024 Saudi League was held with the participation of 18 teams for the first time, landing 3 clubs, including 16, 17 and 18.


What are the relegated teams of the Rushin League 2024?


The Packers are the first relegated clubs from the 2024 Saudi League, after a single season spent among the big boys following their qualification from the Yellow League last season.

Conflict persists in the last round over the landing cards, and the competition is currently between Abha, Riyadh, Tai and Groove.


What are the rising teams to the Rushin 2025 League?

One of the giant clubs returned to the league, Qadisiyah, after being crowned a 70-point Yellow League title.

Al-Qadisiyah will be accompanied to the Roshin 2025 League, his runner-up immortality, and third place finisher, who for the first time in his history reaches the Professional League, Al-Aruba.


Rising Teams to Saudi League 2025




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