Many international sites praised the leader Al-Hilal Club after finishing the season without losing in the Saudi Roshen League, following the 1-2 victory over Unity on Monday, May 27, in the 34th and final round of the competition.

In victory against Unity, Al-Hilal raised his tally to 96 points at the top of the table, 14 points ahead of the runner-up victory, and the “leader” confirmed his eligibility to be crowned Saudi League title for the 19th time in its history, which was decided by the team before 3 rounds of the end of the domestic tournament.

The highlight was written by foreign media about the team’s culmination of the Saudi Roshin League without loss.

Crescent.. Historic Champions Season

The Spanish newspaper Marca reported that the current season has been historic by all accounts for the al-hilal, which has achieved 31 victories and 3 draws in 34 games of the Saudi Roshen League Championship.

“Al-Hilal has reached 96 points, the highest score a team has ever achieved in the history of the Saudi League, and the club has scored 101 goals, a goal score that no team has ever reached during one season.”

Portuguese coach Georgie Jesus’ men want to achieve the trilogy by winning the Copa del Rey tournament in the final awaited by victory at the end of May, after winning the league titles and the Saudi Super Cup this season.

For its part, the Portuguese newspaper Abola confirmed that Al-Hilal suffered a great deal in order to finish the league with victory, and said that Mohamed Knaugh gave his team precedence at the 19th minute, drawing unity at the 77th minute through Yahya Al-Najai, and as the game headed for a draw, Serbian Aleksandar Mitrovic scored his club’s precious winning goal at the 90th + 2nd minute.

In turn, the Brazilian newspaper Terra spoke about the Saudi club’s achievement in the current season, with a 34-match victory streak across all competitions; This caused him to break the Guinness World Record, the Welsh Club of the New Saints, which won 27 consecutive victories across all competitions in 2016

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