Manchester City’s Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne is open to moving to a Saudi League club upon his departure from the English club, the player revealed in media statements.

The 32-year-old is living in his last contract season with Man City, where his contract expires in the summer of 2025, but the English club aspire to extend his stay beyond that.

The City star spoke in dialogue with the “HLN” platform alongside his Belgian team-mate Romelu Lukaku, a Chelsea player on loan to Rome, in the presence of the pair in the team camp, about his future and about the prospect of a move to the Rosen League amid concerns among top Saudi clubs about the player’s services.

De Bruyne does not rule out playing in Saudi Arabia

“For Michelle (his wife) a new adventure that will be acceptable, we have increasingly had conversations as a family about this,” the player said when asked what his future looks like after leaving City and England.
The Belgian international continued: “I still have one year left in my contract, so I have to think about what could happen. My oldest son is now eight years old and only knows England. He also asks how long I will play for City. once the moment comes, we will have to deal with it in a certain way “.

In his view of the idea of moving to the Saudi League like many world stars, the City midfielder did not rule out moving to the Rosen League for financial temptations.

The midfielder said: “At my age you have to be open to everything. You’re talking about incredible amounts of money, in what might be the end of my career. Sometimes you have to think about it. ”

The former Chelsea star explained: “If I played there for two years, I would be able to make an incredible amount of money. Before that I had to play football for 15 years. I may not reach this amount yet. But right now, I don’t need to think about it yet. ”
It is worth mentioning that Kevin De Bruyne is one of the most prominent objectives of the Saudi Investment Fund, the de facto owner of major clubs in the Kingdom, as confirmed by several press reports, where the Al-Nasr Club wishes to annex it, and may face competition from several other clubs.

The Belgian star has made 26 appearances in all competitions this season for Manchester City, missing for a few months due to injury, succeeding in scoring 6 goals and makers 18.

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